I’m am so utterly and totally content. I’m sitting with my new laptop on my bed, myspacing and blogging and doing pictures. No one’s asking me to get off, and no one cares that’s I’ve been on for an hour. I’m texting my BFF, and I just finished a bowl of taco soup– YUM. Christmas dinner is cooking in the kitchen. My sisters are on their way over for that. I’m eating hot cocoa hershey kisses– Yum! I took a shower but put on my pjs again and just scrunched my hair. No makeup, even. I’m snuggling under my blankie and watching grey’s anatomy. All of this is happening simultaneously. Tomorrow, I’m going shopping with said bff, and I’ve got plans Saturday. Sunday, I’m leaving for Gatlinburg. As far as I’m concerned, life is good right now. You might even go as far to say that I’m the vice president of fantasyland. But check with me on Tuesday !


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