Buckets of joy.

Alright, alright. I know I’ve been whining about leaving and so no more of that (actually, I can’t promise anything; I still have to pack things up and say goodbye to friends and walk out of my room knowing I won’t be back. But that’s not until Friday, so take heart!) Now that I’m finished with classes (I just took my last final! I’m officially finished with classes! Except for the magazine coding! I forgot about that.), I’m turning my attention to summer. I’ve been hesitant to see it for what it is and can be; I’ve merely been looking at it for what it isn’t and won’t have. But I think it has potential to be really spectacular if I soften my heart and my grip and just let it. It’s turning out differently than I’d planned and I’m learning to say, hey, that’s okay. I know that there’s a reason that I’m going to Atlanta (you’re thinking, “Yeah, cause you said yes.”). My reason for saying I’d go is simply that I felt like I was supposed to; it is a sweet job, and even more, I felt a peace about it. God has plans for me, and this summer, I’m supposed to be impacting Kennesaw, Georgia, and then, I’m supposed to drive home and impact Prattville, Alabama. In what ways, I don’t know, and you know what? I keep thinking, Maybe not. Maybe I’ll just stay home and let Kennesaw take care of itself, because it’s not like it’s some sort of ministry field.

 Except it is. This is my chance to show off all of the wonderfulness of Christ in me. It’s a brand-new way to make him famous among brand-new people. And so I’m taking it.

And, just for kicks, besides all that, I’ve got some other plans for summer:

Things I Want to Do During the Time that I am Forced to Leave Tuscaloosa and Take up Residence Elsewhere*

  • Read Lord of the Flies and A Farewell to Arms and The Joy Luck Club
  • Lose 10 pounds
  • Learn how to do something new (maybe ride a bike! or bake something awesome from scratch! or how to make a yo-yo walk a dog! Sheesh. So many possiblities.)
  • Build a better relationship with my grandparents, and
  • my nieces and nephew. I want to carve out time for each of them specifically. (A really cool fact is that I’m getting a brand-new niece in August. I’m very, very excited for Gracie Laine.)
  • Find out more about my mom’s childhood and young adult life from her brother, my Uncle Darrell
  • Get a great tan
  • Write several times a week, and
  • continue writing poetry.

*This list is subject to changes and editorial review.

Moreover, I want to start productivity and proaction this week. I really, really need to

  • get my computer fixed
  • buy new headphones
  • buy a phone charger
  • paint my toenails
  • get my eyebrows waxed
  • lose 10 pounds

You know what they say…Well, I can’t exactly remember, but something about lots of goals make for lots of accomplishments…No? That’s not a bible verse? Are you sure? It’s probably in Habukkuk, alright.  Anyway, here’s to getting things done with a cheerful heart!

And here’s a photo lineup of my week (just for your enjoyment, of course):

This was actually a few weeks ago, but it makes me laugh.
We did Kate’s hair for her night out. I’m not sure how much fun Katie had, but WE had tons!
Snowcones. Mat Kearney. Best Friends.
She’s coordinated, she really is. The problem is her coordination does not make
up for my lack of it.
Happy May!

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