Week two.

A summer documentary, starting with Week One.

This was the last week of absolutely-nothing-to-do-ness before the stuff-to-do-ness starts on Monday. “Absolutely-nothing-to-do-ness” is super; I like it, but I like for a few hours, maybe a Sunday afternoon- NOT for a whole week. And so, by Wednesday I was all nothing-to-doed out. I’d organized the pantry and cleaned the house and folded laundry and read some books and shopped for a bathing suit and OH MY GOODNESS I HAVE TO GET OUT OF THE HOUSE. The problem is that the kids and the adults go to school and work and so they would leave me alone all day. It didn’t bode well for my sanity. And so, after a little plea from my best friend, I headed to the lake a day early.

It was there that I remembered how wonderful do-nothing-ness is when you’re with people you really love being with. And so we went out on the boat and played four rounds of Liverpool Rummy and worked out and laughed and watched a movie and relished being with each other because come Saturday morning I gathered my belongings and hit the road.

I think this next stretch might be the longest we’ve gone without seeing other since we met, back in August:

(This is back when everything was new and exciting and we couldn’t believe how lucky we were that everything had turned out so spectacularly. 
We still can’t.)
And this same week, Gracie came home from China, but we haven’t gotten to see her yet, and it feels like it’s been weeks and weeks when I know it’s only been days and days.
Tomorrow, I head to the ATL to hang out with some super cool kids and take them to the pool and fingerpaint with them and get to know them, which I think is going to be super cool. 
But I will miss the people who aren’t with me. Oh man, I will. Mainly these:

Also, about the healthyness: I’ve worked out every day for a week. Moreover, I’ve followed the diet I’m setting for myself which involves NO SWEETS and that in itself deserves an oh-my-goodness-NO-WAY-DID-I-DO-THAT! I haven’t cheated once. 

What do you think?

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