one, two, three, FOUR. *

(tell me that you love me more.) **

What a sweet week week four has been! Literally.
(I’m proud to say that while I baked and constructed these, I didn’t eat one single one. I really, really, really wanted to, though.)

In other sweet news, I got to spend last weekend with my (immediate) family in Atlanta. We hit up the Coke Factory (hip hip hooray for Coke, who gave me a super duper scholarship!)

        And finally, we went to the Braves/ Pirates game, where the Braves WON! We even got to see a fancy shmancy fireworks show after. And there was only one rain delay. It was the epitomy of awesome. (Before that, we went to the Hard Rock Cafe, where I had- hands down- the best quesadilla I’ve ever tasted.)     

On Sunday afternoon, they dropped me back off and I geared up for a serious Memorial Day, full of baking and playing in the rain (alright, not me) and a phone call from my best friend. And on Tuesday, people, I discovered the root of my happiness this summer: the pool. Aunt Jane had really been talking it up and I didn’t realized quite how wonderful it really is. But here’s the thing: the kids play with other kids. Sure, they beg invite me in every now and then, and I don’t even mind. I love the water, but I also love laying out in the sun and getting a tan wearing sunscreen, and they let me do that while having a really stellar time. We can stay there for hours. We do. And I end with happy little campers (albeit exhausted).
Thursday, I packed my bags to make the commute for the first time (I think it’s a drive I’ll come to know well.) Last night, I watched Toy Story for the very first time, and today, I let the treadmill kick my butt. But tomorrow is where it’s at; I’m meeting Janie and Gracie for dinner and then sleeping over at the lake! How friggin awesome is that, you wonder? FRIGGIN’ AWESOME! I’m sort a little excited. So, see, week four was good to me and I have high hopes for week five.
Cause we’re happiest just like that: together.
*Oh, by the way, I’d like to give a shout-out to Norm who is wooing all the Michigan females with his studly painting skills and making me miss him a little more every time I talk to him. Moreover, he has total faith in me. Here’s to being blogged about, Norman!
**Because the URL has been changed, some of the links throughout the blog won’t be working anymore, and that includes the previous Week posts. However, you can get there by clicking the “Summer Documentary” tab at the top of this page to get the whole story or the “Summer Documentary” label at the bottom of this post, which will give you just the Week posts.

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