Where words fail, music speaks.

This is a post I’m been thinking about dong for a long time but not quite sure if I could do it, just because man, tone-deaf or not, I love music. I love it in the car and I love it while I’m hanging out on the internet and I love it when I’m making a grilled cheese or getting ready for the day or working out. I love, love, love music. And so, trying to tell you the best of my best is sort of a daunting task, but you know, in 20 years, I’d love to know the soundtrack of me this summer, at least. And so what I did was compile my right-now top 10 favorite songs. These are in no specific order because sometimes I’m in a happy mood and sometimes I’m in a chill mood and sometimes I’m in grumpy and the music I choose to be my right-then favorite depends on that.

Thanks to YouTube and Playlist.com for giving me the links to make it happen. I’d suggest you guys give ‘em a listen- they may change your life. And send some really awesome songs my way, too. You can do that via comment. 
*Sadly, I couldn’t find a link for this song on the Internet, but it is available on iTunes. 

What do you think?

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