beautiful blessings:

Here’s a sneak peek at how I started this week 
(sort of. Also, as you may or may not know, I am rather fond of look-backs. So bear with me, okay?)
This is back in March during spring break, which, incidentally, was less of a break and more of a calm before the storm. A really fun, exciting, stressful storm- a beautiful, relaxing, incredible calm. 
Here we are, same couch, same order, almost three months to the day later. We’ve found that there’s not much we can’t handle with the other two behind us, praying and supporting and telling jokes and driving to meet us. 
Hey people, do you ever read this and wonder how I ever got so lucky to have such wonderful friends? Because man oh man– I do.
Girls, I thank the Lord for you every day. He’s the only explanation for how things could have turned out so absolutely perfectly.


What do you think?

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