Moving right along

I’ve got a to-do list that’s miles long (alright, well, it’s a whole notebook page long) and one of the things on it, in big, bold lettering, is BUY STUFF. See, with a new bed comes the necessity of new bed linens and thus an ENTIRE NEW BEDROOM because it wouldn’t be fun to move old stuff into a new apartment, would it? And besides, I don’t have any bedding to fit this bed. Anyway, I agonized over this decision for months. Did I want to go calm and serene? Cheerful? Blue and green? Yellow and gray? Orange and blue? (Definitely not orange and blue.) Did I want elegant? Sleek? Simple? I just didn’t know. What I did know was that I didn’t want black and white (I had an abundance last year) and I didn’t have a lot of money to spend and I wanted a quilt. And so after much research, and much scouring of Target, I decided on simple and bright. It’s kind of me. I was going to go with this really bright multistriped quilt, but it seemed a little too kiddy. And finally, Aunt Jane took me and we cleaned out four (four!) Targets. I think she was mostly sick of my musing over what to do. At any rate, this is the let’s-see-if-it-works look. I’m sure you’ll be lucky enough to see it ALL put together, headboard and all in the near future.

I scored that picture frame at Home Goods for $4, which I thought was a pretty sweet deal, considering it matches fairly perfectly. I should also point out that the feathery pillow (and the polka-dotted one, actually) was very Aunt Jane and not very Lindsey, but it looks pretty good, doesn’t it? (And it does match, because the other side of the quilt and the shams is that light blue.) I did pick out that nice, simple green one! I really, really can’t wait until everything comes together and I get to go be in that room that’s all mine. But I’m loving these weeks, too. Oh, life… you’re tricky.


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