It had to happen eventually, right? I mean, there had to be one time, in the 20+ drives to and from GA this summer that I have/will endure(d), when I was running my mouth or looking for a piece of gum or shaving my left leg and I missed a turnoff or something. And so, week 11 it was. I’m gonna go ahead and do the mature thing and blame Nana, who was asking me questions and throwing dates at me and NOT UNDERSTANDING WHAT I WAS SAYING EVEN THOUGH I WAS TALKING IN ALL CAPS. And then, I looked up and realized I was going through a tunnel, which seemed strange, because never, ever have I gone through any tunnels. I would remember. I like tunnels. And so, trying desperately to staunch Nana’s conversation (which is hard- talking to her is like talking to me), I started trying to figure out what to do. It turned out that getting off on some loop and taking a right was, in fact, wrong. And after a really nice old man gave me directions and told me, “Have a great day, gorgeous baby doll!” (self esteem boost/creepy man alert), Nana and I made it home with only a 32 minute delay. Eh. C’est la vie. Anyway, that is how I ended week eleven. Well, at least week eleven’s work week.

I began it with a three hour drive from the beach to Prattville, followed by a turkey sandwich with Mj Parker (see left, though sans turkey sandwich) and a 15-min visit home. And when I say visit, I mean I was in my room, shoving clothes into my suitcase, and the rest of my family was walking around somewhere. And then, Nana and I headed to Atlanta, where we ran into like an hour and a half of can’t-see-anything, must-use-your-flashers-and-pray you’re-still-on-the-road downpour. I was really okay with it, but Nana was fairly worried. I felt bad that her first (and probably only) trip with me was kind of littered with driving issues. Eh. She still loves me. And I got an iced coffee, which perked me up quite nicely. Anyway, we arrived right as dinner was being served, which is just the way I like it. (Actually, I am always really okay with eating cereal for dinner on Sunday nights. Or any nights. I love cereal.)

I digress. Sunday night we ran into some more unforeseen rain in the form of water literally pouring from the ceiling on all three levels of the house. I was coming upstairs just to grab something, when I noticed that not only were things eerily quiet kid-wise, but there was something else. Figuring someone of the smaller variety had left the water running in the bathroom, I went in to turn it off, and instead found water streaming from the air vent into the (luckily open) toilet. I yelled for Uncle D, and on further inspection, we found this was happening in other places, too, like in the workout room and the boys’ bathroom. What ensued was some panic and then some really loud fans that stayed in place for the remainder of the trip. I’m talking whirring and blowing that made everyone say, “WHAT?” and “CAN’T HEAR YOU. FANS.” They were supposed to be removed a few hours after I left, and I’m not going to be jumping up and down if they are still blowing when I return.

The rest of the week was mostly uneventful. We really, really loved hanging out with Nana. We went to the pool and made possibly the best homemade salad I’ve ever tasted (props to Auntie) and watched some Spongebob in the face of torrential downpours. We did workbooks in preparation for the upcoming going to kindergarten. Non-kid-related, I finished the 30 Day Shred and the first two Harry Potter books. I also bought some very necessary apartment accessories. The Spaghettios weren’t included in that list. That was just me being a cool person and buying those for the kids. (Actually, I, erm, lost their other Spaghettios. So I was replacing.)

These last few days I’ve just been hanging out at home, taking in a Biscuits ball game and hitting up Wal-Mart and the YMCA. It’s been swell and relaxing and can I just say that is so good to be home. Tomorrow, I’ll head to the ATL for the second-to-last time and next week, the kids and I (well, so far, just me, because they don’t know about it yet) have plans to make brownies, buy school supplies and see Ramona and Beezus. Sounds like a magical week, if I do say so myself…I LOVE school supplies!


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