The best, the most, the first.

It’s been one year (+ two days) since I left my hometown, my family, my best friends. It’s been one year (+one day) since I met Janie and Gracie and Joanna, since I made up my mind to love it and then figured out that it would take care of making me love it all on its own. It’s been one incredibly breathtaking, challenging, surprising, amazing year.

So much changed, so much transpired. There was so much fun, so much growth, so much learning. There was losing, but there was so much gaining. There was struggle, but there was so much joy. Things were taken, but blessings were so rampant that even now, I have to stop and catch my breath and pray, “It’s too much.” And it is.
I don’t know if the girl up there would recognize the girl sitting here now. There was just no way I could stay the same, no way I couldn’t grow up and become more than I was. There was no way my heart couldn’t become bigger when I have all of these incredible people to love, no way that I couldn’t draw closer to the Lord in the face of everything He’s giving me and teaching me, in the way that He leads me as we walk. I do know one thing, though: That girl up there would be proud of this girl. She’d smile at me, laugh with me. Love me. She wouldn’t think of what wasn’t accomplished, what didn’t go right; no, she’d be over the moon for everything that is so perfectly complete. That girl would want to know this girl.
It has been such a blessed year that I can’t even find the words to get it across to you, even if I go to I’ve got tons of growing and learning and transforming to do, that’s for sure. But this year, these people, this place- it has been everything I never could imagine. It’s been perfectly imperfect.
My life is stressful, my life is fast, my life is gorgeous. I can’t wait for the second year. 


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