Sorry about that.
I took a blog hiatus because it seemed more appropriate than, say, taking a sleeping hiatus. Though actually, i sort of took one of those, too. This week was monstrous. And so, blogging fell by the wayside. But I’m back!
Let me give you a brief overview, mostly because I’m proud that I made it through: two tests, an entire Photoshop book, 352 points of French homework online, a PS skills evaluation + a PS test, a French test, nursery duty, volunteer duty, small group, dinner with friends, coffee with friends, a party at my house, thrown by me, etc. It’s been busy in ways that I don’t like to be busy (i.e., I didn’t get to watch a stinking minute of TLC, read a page of a book that wasn’t school-related, or take any naps.) And I’m actually not finished yet, but I think that I’m through the worst of it, and I aced those tests, by the way. And while I kept my spirits up and my sense of humor handy, thus eliminating any panic attacks, I’m still really, really looking forward to the calm of next week.  
Anyway, a recap of all things me in the last few weeks via photos:
I know what you’re thinking: What a sweet life! You’re so right, friend! I mean, there are downsides to being me, certainly. I have to walk about six miles to get to class every day. I am taking lots of class and therefore my stress levels are usually up and my free time levels are way down. Additionally, I only have six freckles, something that’s always kind of torn me up inside. But I have crazy awesome friends who do crazy awesome things like invite me to be dragged behind a boat and brave a thunderstorm to watch my football team beat the pants off other football teams and cram 200 people in a three bedroom apartment for a dance party (needless to say, a lot of sweating ensued, if you were dancing at least. And c’mon, there’s no question about whether or not I was dancing.) (See above photos for illustrations.)
So it was a long, stressful, exhausting, demanding week, but I’d had all these great things the week before to push me through, and lots of great things waiting this weekend to pull me along, and, as it turns out, those days went by and I took those tests, and suddenly, I’m finished and I did it and I’m proud and I’m back.


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