Being an adult ain’t no joke

Look, they all told me. Everybody had lists of lists of reasons why I should hold on to being a kid until I absolutely had to let go. They said, “Live at home until you’re 33! Being an adult is hard!” Man, were they right. Before you go feeling sorry for me (Ha! I’m feeling quite a few “I told you so!”s coming my way). let me say that being an adult is fun and that I wouldn’t want to be a kid again even if it meant I could eat ice cream every single day because kids do that sort of thing. I really love doing what I want and making my own decisions (this was actually something I really loved as a kid, too, especially when I was a teenager, which really never boded well for me, come to think of it.) But no need to dwell on that, right? I mean, I’ve felt my remorse and taken my parents out to dinner and put off having children for 15 years. So back to being an adult.

If there’s one thing that I’ve heard adults cry about that I never really understood it was bills. The bills! They’re always either about to clean you out or just cleaned you out and left you eating peanut butter sandwiches. Every single month. It’s killer, I tell you, and Mom and Dad, I am sorry that I never did something to alleviate the stress of Bills. I mean, really, if I had known it was this stressful, I would have cleaned the kitchen a heck of a lot more. Promise.

And it’s not just the Bills (but seriously! the bills!). It’s the Responsiblity, too. People depend on me. It’s almost overwhelming at times. There are people depending on me to cook dinner (which, honestly, is their first mistake.) Some weeks, the church floor won’t get vacuumed or the babies won’t get watched unless I show up. Freshmen won’t get mentored unless I impart my wisdom (I’ve been looking for places to impart it, anyway.) It’s pretty breathtaking, though, to think that I have become a (mostly) beneficial, functioning part of society. And also, I pay my bills on time.

Whew. I just needed to share about the insanity that is Growing Up. Is it this dumbfounding for everyone, or is it just me? How do you guys feel about bills?

This week was, apart from the Bills, legitimately stress-free, unlike the week coming up, which boasts a midterm and a biology test and busy mornings, all topped off with a visit home. Just what I like in my first ten days of October 🙂 But, really, I am very optimistic about all of it. I started this morning off with a bright bible study with my best friends while simultaneously eating oatmeal and drinking coffee- very worth waking up at 6:30 for! And then I was productive in the coffee shop like it was my job (which it is, actually, though it doesn’t pay. Which doesn’t help much as far as the Bills are concerned, but we’re past that.) October looks happy, and I’m embracing it, even though every time I think about it being October I almost fall down. School is chugging right along, but at the end of this month I get to go to TEXAS! I’ve never been to Dallas/surrounding areas, and I’m very excited because I get to road trip there and back in three and a half days with all of my best friends. Maybe we’ve lost all of our marbles, but that’s what makes us fun, or at least that’s what we’re believing.

I’ve got zero new pictures, and I can’t even find a semi-recent one that’s got everyone in it. So I give you this:

Lost our marbles? Maybe.
We are, however, lots of fun.
Tell me about your week/October plans/ how much you hate Bills!


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