It’s [Janie’s] Party, Dance if I Want to

You know what they say… Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the face.

Actually, Mike Tyson said that, but I believe it. But don’t worry— I didn’t get punched in the face. At least not recently. But I did plan a beautiful, stunning dinner party under a gazebo filled with paper lanterns and candles and cupcakes. You know what I got?

Punched in the face. You know what I learned (again)?

It doesn’t matter. Even more importantly, I was reminded (again) that it’s not about me.

Here’s what I know (now):

Celebrations aren’t about what you’ve planned. They’re about what you’re celebrating. Or, in our case, whom you’re celebrating.

It’s not about who can’t come, but who can. Who does.

We may pretend to be grown-ups some days, but we will never grow up. Promise.

At the end of the day, if people are laughing, it’s a job well done. And for that, you must be proud. We’re proud.

Everyone loves cupcakes.

These things take learning. But here’s something else you gotta know- it’s not always about raining on your parade. Sometimes, the rain clears just in time.

And people? That was more beautiful than if I’d planned it myself.




2 thoughts on “It’s [Janie’s] Party, Dance if I Want to

    1. I just cut marshmallows in half and stuck them in sprinkles and them assembled using a picture i found online! It was was easy but pretty time-consuming. I don’t think Gracie will be letting me pick out the cupcakes next time. But we missed you! So happy you are back!

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