Sleep is for Babies

Do you want to know what’s going on in my life? That’s kind of you! I truly wish I could offer you some dazzling tales, but I’ve got nothing of the sort. What I mean by that is that God has lovingly kept the bugs at bay and the keys handy, but I will tell you my life’s been full of dazzle lately.

There were a few days of alone-ness, but not many of loneliness, as I had lots of Messes with a capital M to clean, a good book to read, hours of balcony-sitting to accomplish, a desk to attend, sentences to write, and mile(s) to run. The happy thing about running is that I do it at sunset. I took this on my Blackberry. It makes me believe.

And then, my life got much sweeter because my best friend came home. As wonderful of a roommate as she is, she’s infinitely better at being my best friend, and I count myself lucky for that. We spent a day sorting clothes for our clothes pantry, eating sushi, and making jokes about sorting clothes for our clothes pantry. (We can do this because we have spent hours sorting clothes together, as if it’s our favorite thing to do, which we tell ourselves it is so that we can get through the 25 bags of clothing waiting to be sorted. [I’m not kidding. 25 bags is not an exaggeration, though I understand why you think it might be, as Lindsey exaggerating would not be uncharacteristic. But it’s not.]) Anyway, jokes about leopard-print shoulder-padded overalls abounded, and it was happiness to the nth degree. Here’s a picture of us from a long time ago since we don’t have any pictures of us making clothing jokes so you can get a mental image:

It looked kind of like that except we both have much less hair and were in the middle of the Mall of America: Our Living Room edition.

All that to say it was a maddeningly marvelous time before we had to go be grown-ups at our jobs. But don’t be fooled. I’m only pretending.

Then there was a this-isn’t-that-bad-because-I’ll-see-you-again-in-a-few-days goodbye to Janie, followed by one downright dazzling day of shopping with my girls. We did things like read magazines in coffee shops and massacre “everything must go!” sales (we took the everything must go part to heart), and eat salmon burgers and cookies too good for adjectives and fall to pieces in delight inside of Whole Foods (yes, the grocery store.) At the end of the day, I was asleep in the backseat exhausted, but it only because I’m not used to that much awesome. I don’t have a picture of us either (seriously, we dropped the ball on that), but here’s something to show you how fun we are:

I’ve also been working like it’s my job. I spent more hours than I’d like to count (fine, 23.5 in three days) up at the desk at the dorm, where I usually go years without actually having any human interaction. I did get the pleasure of shutting down a rave Friday night, so I can cross that of my bucket list. Also: “Be desk assistant of the week.” Done.

So that’s what’s been coloring my rainbow lately. If you see me and wonder if I realize I look like I haven’t slept lately, it’s because I haven’t slept lately. And I do realize.

But don’t worry. I’ve been drinking coffee.


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