Wonder by Wonder

“You must live in the present, launch yourself on every wave, find your eternity in each moment.” [Thoreau]

Ello, reader! How have you been? Oh, me, yes, just marvelous, albeit sleepy at times. But really, I cannot complain, although I can tell you that I’ve worked nearly 40 hours in four days, which accounts for the sleepiness, see, but honestly, it’s not that bad. It goes like this: day with normal amount of work, day with insane amount of work, repeat, three-day weekend. And at one job, I’m constantly elbow-deep in a jigsaw of nouns and verbs and adjectives (just this week I was in charge of organizing the judging of a contest that called for photos of pets in Alabama attire, so you know, that was super stressful work. Puppies in cheerleader uniforms are a hard thing to look at all day long for sure), with my shorty Haley dazzling me from her side of the production room with her shiny new engagement ring. Like this:

At the other job, I’m always elbow-deep in Dawson’s Creek episodes and Pinterest boards and Facebook statuses, and you who make the witty ones? Thank you. Even better if you’re one of those terrific Twitter people who use your 140 characters to encourage and/or charm your readers. I’m not refreshing every three minutes for my six hour shift if that’s what you’re thinking. (Here is where I say that if you’re looking for someone to text message, email, Facebook chat, Skype, or to whom you’d like to shoot a telegram, I’m your girl. Pick a night, any night, and I’m slaving away over which season of How I Met Your Mother to watch, and I’d love to chat.)

All that to say, that’s what I’ve been doing, and it was all good, but there are particular stand-out moments that, when called back into my mind,  made the late-night I’m-at-a-desk moments 28 times more bearable. I’d like to share, OK? And these are in no particular order other than the order they popped into my head, which may tell you something if you’re a psychology major or something.

The Moment I Stopped on a Run

I was out for a jaunt, in the early morning midst, down on the path along the river, and I came to a stop because I couldn’t keep running past what I was seeing. Of course, being the me who I am, I had to smile really big and take a photo and share it with everyone because I just couldn’t bear being the only one who got it.

“i thank You God for most this amazing
day:for the leaping greenly spirits of trees
and a blue true dream of sky; and for everything
which is natural which is infinite which is yes” —e.e. cummings

The Moment I Made 1, 755 Copies

Mostly, I just felt accomplished, as if I had run a new distance record or downed more coffees than I’d ever downed before, though I must note the adrenaline rush was less pronounced than it would be in those examples, but still palpable. I’d show you a picture of the copy machine (I have one), but I’m leaning toward the conclusion that you don’t want to see a picture of it. So, if you do, send me a telegram and I’ll show you. Better yet, stop by my office, and I’ll take you there.

The Moment We Took The Picture

We hadn’t yet. It was necessary. (Obviously, picture necessary here.)

The Moment that is Actually Every Single Moment of Friday

Like I mentioned, I work four long days in a row, but those four days happen to never be Fridays, and while I actually did go into work on this Friday, it was such a pleasant and short-lived experience that it does not nullify the I-didn’t-work statement. (Everyone find jobs like that.) But after, it was boom-boom-boom all my favorite things: Janie the best friend, Panera Bread in the sunny breeze, walking, a bookshop, two new books, a large coffee, a couch by the window, books in hand. An evening of I-don’t-have-to-do-anything leisure. Now, this is the kind of day that you squeeze into a bottle for some kind of rainy Tuesday where you spill coffee three times on your white pants (yes, that happens in real life.)

The Moment I Took a Magic Carpet Ride for the First Time

It’s what you’re thinking: I watched Aladdin for the first time ever. More like two hours than a moment, granted. I can’t say I didn’t tear up. I also never knew the Genie was quite that funny, and I even felt like I hadn’t completely missed out since I could sing “A Whole New World” (“sing” as in I knew the lyrics. Let’s not get carried away.) This was my “Why have I never seen Aladdin?” face (obviously.)

The Moment I Bought a Corner of the Internet

Check it out; we’re a dot com!

There you go; my week in bright snapshots. Totally run-of-the-mill. Completely, dreadfully boring. Ridiculously tedious, and at times, even lonely. I don’t have any funny anecdotes (I really did just eventually walk in and kill the cockroach, and don’t you worry, the exterminator is coming Monday). I don’t have any big news. But I have these pretty little freeze-frames that filled me up, that reminded me, sometimes quietly, sometimes ferociously, of the adoration of God for me. They say, “This is your story. Tell it.” And you? Thank you for reading. And for singing along: “Every moment red-letter / I’ll chase them anywhere / There’s time to spare / Let me share this whole new world with you.”


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