Save it For a Rainy Day

Catch a  falling star and put it in your pocket

I had to know: Why do I love today so much?

Because I do. I revel in sunshine; sunshine is like grace, I think, in that it just comes and comes, and the only way to fully grasp is to simply sit in it. But here’s why I’m writing: The rain is like grace, too. I noticed that today.


It’s not just rain, though I do adore the in-my-face message that the whole world is wiped clean; or, at least, my whole world. So I beg you to look around and see that, too, through your own eyes in your own world. But it’s more.

It’s the sky, the way it spreads and conceals; it’s the purity mixed with the mystery of a beaming grey. At blue, I rejoice; at grey, I marvel.

Maybe it’s this: A sunny day is easy to love. A sunny day is picnics by the river, almost-pink cheeks, everything shimming in the glow. But I admire rainy days. I admire their persistence, their downright insistence, at being loved, at least by me.

I love the sky, I said; I also love the ground. I like the way the water gathers and spins, the way it tarries and flows. I like that it piles up the leaves and plasters them to the street. I like the little bits of water that my walking flings about. I like the sound of cars driving down the road, tires and water dancing with one another, so often unnoticed.


I like the way the water drips off my raincoat hood, the way frizzy curls are not just acceptable, but givens on days like today. I like the way the water lands on my cheek, and how it feels so refreshing that I do not mind that it’s there and I do not wipe it away.

I like how rain makes it easier to lose yourself in a cup of hot coffee, music and lyrics, the own slap-slap-slap of your feet down the sidewalk. I like how eyes meet, exchanging comments about the rain. I like that it brings us together, but that it feels like my own all the same.

I like the quickened pace of our to-and-fro juxtaposed with the gentle, unhurried drops of Heaven’s overflow. I like that if we listen, we can hear it begging us to slow our step, to smell the wetness, to hear the dance.

I wanted to say that I like today. I wanted to give props to today, for being so likable, even though my hair’s a mess and my shoes are wet. I wanted to say, “Thank you,” to the rain and the coffee, and my beautiful friend the rain jacket.

Save it for a rainy day




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