These Are My Confessions

If we’re being honest (and we always are) I did not forget about you or my desires/intentions to pen you heartwarmingly honest essays on marriage; faith; the benefits of coffee, nonstick pans, or butter, etc.; or my cat (I actually truly have a half-typed post lingering somewhere in my email about my cat so…stay tuned.) But if we’re being honest, I have approx. one million and one things to do all the time, and you’d better believe that those things include (but are not limited to) stalking people on Instagram, having my feet massaged (marriage!), talking to Caleb about how awesome Scout is, and running out of butter. But also work and making sure my eyelids have slipped shut each night by no later than 9:17 p.m. (I kid you not. Last night we stayed at small group until close to 10 and this morning I almost started in on a big whine session because I was SO TIRED but Caleb saw it coming and started massaging my feet to offset it.)


Anyway, in this new and bustling season (as they say), I thought I’d get it together and give you what I can give. I’m calling these confessions because I just used my last ounce of creative pickle juice making a magazine, but if you can think of something wittier, I’m open to suggestions.

We actually go to bed by 9 every night. In case you thought I was kidding.

Every morning, Scout jumps on our bed while we’re drinking our coffee and we play “cover monster,” which is where I scratch my hand around under the covers and she pounces on it (cat and mouse, lacking one mouse.) The confession is that I taped this (very cute) phenomenon and sent it to Scout’s grandparents. (Reminder: Scout is a cat.)

cat on bed

Also related to Scout—and I’m only sharing this one so you can be enlightened as to how awesome Caleb is and/or how much growing I have left as a human being: Scout has thrown up no less than 923 times in the past three months (just in case you were worried, it’s because she has long hair and thus a lot of hairballs. It’s cute.) and I have cleaned this up twice. (Yes, I said twice.) Once was only because Caleb wouldn’t be home for another 45 minutes and I was afraid I would forget and step in it or I would have left it for him. However, I did write 95 percent of our wedding thank you cards. #Saint


This just in: I brought fruits and vegetables (OK, vegetable) to work for snacks this morning. But I had eaten all my snacks by 10:15 a.m. and I was waiting on Caleb to join for me a lunch break, so I announced, “I need some protein!” Then I ate a chocolate truffle.

I’m writing this post mostly for my mother-in-law, who is lovely and greets me like this: “Hello how are you I like your haircut where’s your new blog post?” I’m not saying she’s my biggest fan, but…the rest of you can leave your submissions for that title in the comments and we’ll see if someone can edge her out.

Last night (in a room full of people) we had this conversation (while I was eating cake and ice cream):

Lindsey: “Holding this ice cream is making my hand cold.”


Lindsey: “Holding my ice cream and cake and eating my cake is hard to do at the same time.”

Caleb: “Do you want me to hold your ice cream?”

Lindsey: “No. That would make me look high maintenance.”

(For the record, I am not high maintenance. At least not compared to Paris Hilton and Jack Black. But I do sometimes need help managing my desserts/emotions/mornings, and for that, I look to this superhero of a dude.)


I still play Words with Friends. You can hate if you want, but I think it’s the No. 1 reason I still have my wits about me.

Back to the cat: For all of you people who follow me on Instagram and think, “There is no way this girl can post one more picture of her cat,” you are wrong. I have been thisclose to posting at least five more this week. I restrain myself because self-discipline is a virtue.


I aim to open my eyes every morning and immediately set my heart to think on how good the Lord is (which is good good), but I end up opening my eyes and thinking how many more days till Saturday even though 1. I like my job/ life and have no reason to dread, say, Wednesdays and 2. We usually don’t sleep past 6:30 on Saturdays anyway (because we have been stricken with grownupitis, not because we’re particularly virtuous in that way.)

I started off this marriage with the idea that I was going to be a servant and I still strive to be this way (usually). However, in the area of Closets, I’ve jumped ship. We have two closets, one that’s fairly large and one that’s fairly small. Since Caleb is already sucking it up and working in the large closet (his “office”), I thought I’d be of service and take the small closet so he doesn’t have to study spleens and intestines among my dresses, etc. Until last weekend when I’d had it UP TO HERE with that which is my closet and I revoked the service and demanded the big closet. Now. But did I mention I wrote all of our thank you cards? Plus I make muffins.


Told ya! Alright, that’s all the confessing I can handle for one day, but maybe someday soon I’ll be back with a riveting part II. Or that post about the cat. Either way, let’s chat soon.


6 thoughts on “These Are My Confessions

  1. I so enjoy reading your posts, Lindsey. Love the part in this one about Rhona. She’s the one who showed me your blog and is the reason you’re (unashamedly) bookmarked in my browser. Each post is such a treat! So glad to call you family. 🙂

  2. You’re mother in-law loves you more. (tough though…I love you a lot) Biggest fan? No way sistah! Who has been reading your writing and calling you brilliant since high school? Umm, that would be me. All the others are relatives and have to read your musings. 🙂

    1. My biggest tip is to get up early! A few days of that, and you’ll be ready to go by 9 🙂 (Although I know it just doesn’t work for some people–for us, it’s the best!)

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